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It is good to say Hello or Thank You
as well as Happy Birthday
and Well Done ...

There can be no doubt it is nice to say hello, thank you or to send greetings and in a world dominated by digital communications of texts and emails, what better way than to write in a time-honoured way, with a pen and paper.  As a colleague said the other week, call me old fashioned, but to make time to write, is the right thing to do.

I have been asked many times do I produce greetings cards.  In the past, we have partnered with people, but it was never what I wanted, a high-quality product at a sensible price with good service.

But after many months of working and planning I have now found a way forward, and one that will give that quality at a price that works.

Soon I will have the first in a collection of greetings cards published here on my website, then as we move forward new designs will be added to the collection.  

The cards will be approx. 6 x 8 inches which is ideal as a notelet or greetings card, have a single photograph design on the front and be printed on specialist silk finished board which is typically a third heavier than a greetings card of this size, so giving quality to the photograph and finished product.

Additionally, and I think totally unique, will be the ability to have the inside printed with your name and address, or just a name and telephone number, so making your letter and card writing even more personal and special.

To learn more as the collection is published leave your name and email below.

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