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Meet Islay our new dog & team member

Meet Islay our new dog & team member

Meet Islay our new dog & team member

Many of you will know I have a great love, if not passion, for all working dogs, the interaction between man and dog that has been around for tens of thousands of years is a great wonder to watch.  Be that a shepherd and his working sheepdog, the many aspects of police and military working dogs or like me the working gun dog.

At home is our team of working English Springer Spaniels, and a walk around the fields or a full day shooting, there is still great pleasure in being out with them.  Then every so often a new dog arrives and for a few weeks it is hands-on to help this dog settle into their new home, but at the same time not excluding the other dogs.  It can be a fine balance to get this right for both the new and the existing dogs. 

A new dog can be exciting; but a new puppy around the home can be hard work and exciting, especially is it is lively young English Springer Spaniel!  So imagine the Limb household when Islay came to live with us.

She was just eight weeks old when she arrived on a cold February morning after a three-hour drive from Northumberland and was soon named after the Scottish Island, which is often referred to as Queen of the Hebrides.

The good news is she soon settled down with the other Spaniels and at less than a year old was out for her first day working and made her first retrieve!  Somehow I just know that we have made a good choice with this little girl and I can see many years of pleasure and enjoyment together!

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