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I do photograph more than the countryside

I do photograph more than the countryside

I do photograph more than the countryside

he great problem with a passion is you can get carried away with it and labelled by it!

This has happened a few times in recent weeks and months with conversations asking ‘Do you only photograph countryside subjects and dogs?‘  Often from someone looking at a subject that requires a photographic commission in a non-rural environment.

‘So at the risk of being ‘labelled’ as the photographer who only photographs the English Countryside, let me show some of the other work and commissions I have undertaken recently’

One commission that bought me both great pride and immense satisfaction was a commission by the Royal Yeomanry to photograph the centennial anniversary of The Battle of Frezenberg in Belgium, Click Here for the full story.

Other commissions have included a project on office waste disposal; tracking the method and improvements that could be made in the removal and disposal of routine waste in a large office complex – so a full day to photograph bins, waste compactors, wheelie bins and dustbins!

So yes I do photograph a wide range of subjects and topics – even if I am always drawn back to my love of the British countryside.

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