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Stormy sky on the battlefield

Stormy sky on the battlefield

Stormy Sky on The Battlefield

Many of you will know that I have a passion for battlefields and military history, especially The Great War of World War One and the Western Front of Belgium and France. I can often be found roaming and exploring the battlefield and thinking what it must have been like a century ago for the soldiers who fought and died here.  I am often with a small and select group who I take on such a trip with Matt Limb Battlefield Tours in the hope of reuniting people with their history.    It is here that names like The Somme and Ypres are etched in our history.

In the past I have photographed a number of events that brought this historical interest and my photography together; including The Battle of Frezenberg 100 years anniversary, photography of such events is, I believe, key to recording history and an area very dear to me.

More recently I was over in Belgium for a meeting on a typical wet stormy Flanders morning, with the wind blowing and the rain lashing it down.  As my meeting ended I started the drive down into France heading for the channel ports and home, as I did the sun started to break through with the light catching the many Commonwealth War Graves.

The dark stormy sky with the sun falling, almost glinting, on the white graves stones I know would make a memorable photograph.

Quickly grabbing my camera a small remote cemetery was my destination, after a short wait, and a massive downpour, the stormy shower started to pass overhead and the sun came through and I had just a couple of minutes to catch the moment

The remoteness and the atmosphere of the cemetery with its stormy sky and sunlight breakthrough were well worth getting wet for!

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