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The Cranwell Bloodhounds

The Cranwell Bloodhounds

The Cranwell Bloodhounds

I find it hard to believe that a chance meeting almost three years ago would have resulted in meeting new friends and some outstanding photographic opportunities.  The change meeting was at the Festival of Hunting, one of the largest hound shows during the summer months, as I stood with hounds from the Cranwell Bloodhounds.  I simply asked the hunt staff if I could follow them on a meet during the coming season; just a few weeks later they called back.  

It was an opportunity not to be missed, a pre-season Hound Exercise & Summer Ride, not that you would catch me on a horse, as I followed and photographing them on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Followed in the greatest of traditions, by tea and cake, all in the company of like-minded and welcoming people.  

This resulted in me following The Cranwell Bloodhounds at almost every meet in their twenty-fifth season of hunting and producing a photographic record in my book, The Cranwell Bloodhounds.

As one of the newer packs of hounds in the country The Cranwell Bloodhounds were formed in 1992 by Joint Masters Phil and Wendy Broughton.  The aim then, as now, is to offer a day in the countryside that everyone could enjoy.  Sadly, Phil Broughton passed away while out with the hounds during a meet in 2018, but the spirit and ethos he established still survives.

Unlike fox hounds bloodhounds hunt the clean boot, that is to say, they hunt the natural scent of man, in the Cranwell Bloodhounds case this is a cross-country runner, who is given a head start before each line of hunting, with three or four lines on a typical day.

As a private pack of bloodhounds, the Cranwell Bloodhounds enjoy around twenty days of hunting in a season, through the autumn and winter, when they meet on a Sunday.  To learn more about Cranwell Bloodhounds Click Here or follow them on Facebook.

The above video was produced during the early part of 2020 as the hunting season was coming to a close, with the aim of helping people understand what it is to hunt with bloodhounds plus how the hunt staff, cross country runners and road crew work so hard to make the meet memorable


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