A published magazine image

A published magazine cover

wpid962-ML_141212_0455Over the years I have been very fortunate in seeing my photography published many times, but even after all this time I still get a real kick to see my work in print!

I have seen my images in books and newspapers, magazine and calendars and more recently on greetings cards, but I was especially happy with this shot when it was used as the cover by Sporting Shooter magazine.sporting -shooter-cover

The image was taken last year when I photographed a shoot in Suffolk, the image caught the very moment that the Gun looked up to see if he had hit the partridge he was after with the cartridges ejecting.

To quote a phrase the right place at the rights time, but with the right camera and right lens!

But to see the end result I still find highly rewarding.  As did the gent in the photograph, who was amazed when he found his image on the magazine rack in his local newsagents!


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