A Tradition Dating back some 500 Years


‘ … Hunting with bloodhounds is one of the best-kept secrets in the British countryside …’


By pure coincidence, I was looking at The Cranwell Bloodhounds in the show-ring at the Peterborough Festival of Hunting, whilst on a commission, and asked if they would be willing to allow me to photograph them out hunting during the coming season.  In just a few weeks I made it to his first-ever bloodhound’s meet on a bright summer’s afternoon.

I watched them chase their quarry, who are cross-country runners, over the English countryside, as a bloodhound first timer it was an amazing sight, the speed of the hounds hunting and the followers on horseback was wonderful and the people were such great company; I may have never owned or even ridden a horse, but ‘bloodhounding’ was something I knew I would enjoy.

In fact, I enjoyed that afternoon so much I spent most of the hunting season out with The Cranwell Bloodhounds as I worked closely with the hunt staff who allowed me access vantage points to photograph all aspects of them out for the day.

As the season progressed and the library of images grew, the opportunity of a dedicated book evolved as a unique record of The Cranwell Bloodhounds now in their twenty-fifth hunting season; so working with the Masters, The Hunt Staff and the many volunteers and followers the book was generated and has now be published.

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