Portraits in setting the sun on a summers evening 

The phrase ‘There is No Light like God’s Light’ is an old and well know description that photographers use to describe shooting portrait photography outdoors.  True you do not have the ability to control sunlight like you can a strobe in a studio. But if you work with the sun and not against it the results can be stunning.

Client:  Own project for stock images

Brief:  I wanted to catch the warmth of the evening sun, a time that some photographers refer to as The Golden Hour, the moment when the sun is fast fading and setting.  Then use a back-lighting technique to take some portraits of a family friend Victoria.

You have no control over the sun when it starts to set and you have to work with it and work quick. Arriving in plenty of time and setting up ready for the moment was key, then as the sun started to drop which was very quickly, we had about twenty minutes to capture a memorable set of images.