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The Country Gent Podcast

The Country Gent Podcast

The Country Gent Podcast

The revolution in photography over recent years has been beyond all recognition. First, the move from film to digital plus what I often think as almost a second revolution; the death of the home camera as it has been replaced with the smartphone.

But this is only half of the story, the way we look, view and save our photographs has changed. Gone are the days when we would run to the local chemist shop with a film after our summer holidays and a week later get the prints back.  They would then be looked at in detail, for a few weeks, as they were shown to family and friends; before being retired to a cardboard box, most likely never to be seen again.

I am sure very few people a couple of decades ago could have foreseen the breadth or the pace of change.  Today, within moments of a photo being taken it can be published online for the world to see via social media or uploaded to a website.  I also see an emergence of not only still photographs but also clips of video, I do wonder what the fathers of photography little more than a century ago would have made of such rapid and decisive change.

Recently I was exposed to a media that, for me at least, had slipped past me a little, audio.  This has had much the same revolution from tape to digital.  So, imagine my delight and pleasure when I was recently asked to be a guest on a very popular and professional podcast.

The podcast is recorded, edited and broadcast by The Yorkshire Gent a self-confessed lover of the countryside, field sports, fishing and fine whisky and his podcasts cover much of this along with recent news and reviews.

I admit the world of podcasts was new as I drove to meet with Rob and Nick, but we were soon ‘on air’ chatting about my background in photography, where my passion for the British countryside its heritage and traditions came from, plus of course battlefield tours. Needless to say, we also chatted about my recent books including, Highland Ponies in Glen Prosen.


Back home I listened more to The Country Gent’s Podcasts and realised what an absolute hidden gem this is.  There is so much about what is happening in our countryside and interviews with some interesting people, plus some serious whisky tasting!

But all done in an easy to digest manner and delivered with a little humour; it really is something I would highly recommend.

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