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Hunting Horns showing solidarity for NHS staff and key workers

Hunting Horns showing solidarity for NHS staff and key workers 

Few of us waking on the first day of January this year, to a new year and a new decade, could have ever believed what would happen across the world in a matter of weeks, especially as we were all still moaning about the none stop and continual rain.

At the very same time, a new word entered everyone’s vocabulary, coronavirus. Within weeks the virus was renamed with its technical name of Covid-19.  By mid-March, the virus’s effects were being felt across the British Isles, just as the rain stopped when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a national wide lockdown to stop its spread, to save lives and protect the National Health Service.

Soon Thursday night would become a national event which stated as ‘Clap for Carers’ as people came out of isolation onto the street, at the stroke of 8.00 pm, to clap and show support for the work done by our carers and other key workers.

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