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Have you enjoyed the good summer?

Have you enjoyed the good summer?

Have you enjoyed the good summer?

There can be no doubt that we have enjoyed a wonderful summer this year; well at least here at home.  I am not sure that could be said for northern Scotland which appears to have had an excess of rain.
But in July we registered the hottest day of the year at something like 37 degrees and the last day of the month gave a nighttime temperature of just above freezing point!

So after what appears to be a string of poor or wet summers locally, no one can argue that this year we have not had a memorable one. I have forgotten how many times we have eaten outside as the garden furniture has been well and truly used, as we enjoyed the warm summer evenings, and the smell of charcoal has drifted in the air on many an evening as people have fully enjoyed the warm summer. In addition, have you also noticed the number of summer butterflies & other insects this year?
Plus the vast amount of summer fruit and berries forming in the hedgerows?  It will be interesting, as we move into the balmier summer then autumn days, how much can be foraged and harvested.

The photograph was a quick five minute stop whilst out walking the dogs as numerous butterflies and other insects gathered on a small clump of thistles in the corner of a field.

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