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A portrait of today’s photography

A portrait of today’s photography

A portrait of today’s photography

No one can have missed the ever-growing use of images in today’s society.  Just a few years ago it was not unusual to get a set of prints back from the chemist after your film was processed, to find at the beginning some from Christmas the year before last, with some portraits of the family.  Then a few pictures from the visit to the grandparents and another portrait, followed by last years summer holidays.  Then to finish the film last Christmas!

Compare this with today.  The use of smartphone and tablets to take photographs has overtaken the traditional camera on a day-to-day basis!  The simple answer is today’s society is using more and more images as we live in a world where picture taking gets easier.

This has a knock on effect for today freelance and professional photographer.  There is a public perception that in today’s digital image world it is a simple matter of snapping away and the job is done as the images are exported out of the back of the camera!  I wish it was that easy.

With the arrival of the digital age, the workload of the photographer changed, out went the darkroom & chemical processes, replaced by computer processing & printing, and a less smelly workplace! The digital era allows me to capture images that just a few years ago would have been near impossible, or would have needed some powerful lighting, but it requires a new set of skills using keyboard and mouse and an ever-changing IT know how.  


But the result is a wider range and capability of images, like the shots above, taken as the sun had gone down one summers evening, with camera settings that would have made any film camera struggle!

So am I complaining?  Not one bit of it; the ability to produce stunning images in the digital age means I have no desire to return to the age of the darkroom – or as a fellow photographer described it recently –  The Dark Ages!

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